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M Abdullah Al Naser
Technical Writer and Trainer

M Abdullah Al Naser is an IP network enthusiast by passion. Currently he is working for an ISP in Bangladesh to build its nationwide high-performance IP/MPLS backbone network. He loves to work in planning/designing complex network solution for both service provider and corporate networks. Prior joining at his current organization Naser also worked for another leading ISP in Bangladesh. Before starting his mainstream career in service provider sector, he also worked in several corporate companies and educational institutes.

Naser’s area of interest and expertise mainly covers core IP network administration. He has extensive hands-on skill on advanced OSPF, BGP routing, switching techniques. He has also excellent knowledge on IPv6 routing and MPLS technique. Naser has fine grasp on CISCO and MikroTik products along with Juniper also. Moreover, he worked in system administration area with different distros of Linux. Network security is another fascinating subject to him.

In his early career Naser completed some extensive trainings on network and system administration in some highly reputed institutes in the country. Moreover, he attended in a number of trainings/workshops organized by ISPAB, bdNOG, and APNIC. Besides his technical job and continuous learning process, Naser always loves to share his knowledge with his community engineers. Being very passionate in IP networking he is involved in technical writing/blogging/training to give his community engineers a better and easier leaning opportunity. He is the founder and lead trainer at mn-LAB, a platform to learn internetworking techniques very easily in local language. His initiative has been highly appreciated by his community fellows. Besides his technical writing Naser organized number of low cost but quality training sessions in last couple of years. In addition to this he is a professional trainer and teaches advanced CISCO and MikroTik at couple of renowned training institutes at Dhaka.

Naser always follows his seniors in the industry to motivate himself to do better in his field. Besides hard-core internet operational techniques he is also interested in internet governance. In the meantime, he has been awarded couple of fellowship opportunities by APNIC and APrIGF which really helped him to grab some global knowledge in both tech and IG fields.

Naser is very active in community works. Currently he is an Executive Committee member of Bangladesh Network Operators Group (bdNOG). He also contributed as Program Committee member, Fellowship Committee member and conference speaker in several bdNOG, APNIC, SANOG and bdSIG events.

Most of the time Naser “wastes” his valuable time in learning new things related to internet engineering. He always loves to do R&D in order to enhance his knowledge and skills. Because Naser always believes, training and learning work best when anyone is fully involved. Naser always misses his family specially his cute son Little AYAN because he is to spend much time apart from his family.


Some Community Engagements/Volunteer Works

• Executive Committee Member, Bangladesh Network Operators Group (bdNOG) (2018-2019)
• Fellowship Committee Member, APNIC46
• Fellowship Committee Member, bdSIG2018
• Program Committee Member, SANOG33
• Program Committee Member, SANOG32
• Program Committee Member, bdNOG11
• Program Committee Member, bdNOG10
• Program Committee Member, bdNOG8
• Conference Speaker at bdSIG2018
• Conference Speaker at bdNOG8
• Conference Speaker at bdNOG7
• Conference Speaker at MikroTik User Meeting (MUM), Bangladesh, 2018
• Workshop Instructor, IPv6 Routing on MikroTik, bdNOG11
• Workshop Instructor, Multicast Routing and VPLS, bdNOG10
• Workshop Instructor, IPv4/IPv6 Routing for ISP, bdNOG8
• Instructor, Fast Track Training Program, for BTRC Officials organized by bdNOG
• Trainer (CCNP, CCNA and Advanced MikroTik), CSL Training, Dhaka
• Trainer (CCNP), Linux Pathshala, Dhaka

Professional Certifications

• Cisco Certified Specialist Enterprise Core (CCNP-ENCOR)
• Cisco Certified Specialist Enterprise Advanced Infrastructure Implementation (CCNP-ENARSI)
• Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
• Juniper Networks Certified Professional (JNCIP-SP)
• Juniper Networks Certified Specialist (JNCIS-SP)
• Juniper Networks Certified Associate (JNCIA-Junos)
• MikroTik Certified Internetworking Expert (MTCINE)
• MikroTik Certified Routing Engineer (MTCRE)
• MikroTik Certified Network Associate (MTCNA)
• Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)
• Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA)

Training Details

• Lean Six Sigma for Service Excellence, MetroNet Bangladesh Ltd
• Advanced IPv6 Routing, APNIC44, Taichung City, Taiwan
• Internet Governance and Policy, APrIGF2017, Bangkok, Thailand
• MPLS Deployment Worshop, APNIC42, Colombo, Sri Lanka
• Juniper Routing, Switching and Security Workshop, ISP Association of Bangladesh (ISPAB)
• IPv4/IPv6 Routing Workshop, bdNOG5, Bangladesh Network Operator Group
• Network Security Management and Cyber Security Workshop, ISP Association of Bangladesh (ISPAB)
• Mail and Spam on Linux OS Workshop, ISP Association of Bangladesh (ISPAB)
• Cisco Certified Network Associate Security (CCNA Security), Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)
• Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)
• Red Hat Server Hardening, IBCS-PRIMAX Software Ltd, Dhaka
• Red Hat System Administration, IBCS-PRIMAX Software Ltd, Dhaka
• MikroTik Certified Internetworking Expert (MTCINE), ID Networks, Indonesia
• MikroTik Certified Routing Engineer (MTCRE), SASTech Limited, Dhaka
• MikroTik Certified Network Associate (MTCNA), SASTech Limited, Dhaka

এই টিউটোরিয়াল সাইটের যেকোন টিউটোরিয়ালে যেকোন ধরণের ভূল-ভ্রান্তি যদি আপনাদের দৃষ্টিগোচর হয় তাহলে দয়া করে আমাকে জানাবেন, আমি ভূল সংশোধন করে নিব। এই টিউটোরিয়াল সাইটটি যেহেতু আমি একক প্রচেষ্ঠায় পরিচালনা করছি, তাই ভূল-ভ্রান্তি হতে পারে। এজন্য আপনাদের সহায়তা কামনা করছি। যেকোন কিছু নোটিশ করার জন্য আমাকে ই-মেইল করতে পারেন। আমার ই-মেইল আই.ডি হলো । এছাড়া আমাদের ফেসবুক গ্রুপ পেজেও পোষ্ট করতে পারেন। আমাদের ফেসবুক গ্রুপ পেজের লিংকটি হলো mn-LAB

আপনাদের সহযোগীতার জন্য সবাইকে অগ্রীম ধন্যবাদ।